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Johnson Contracting Incorporated

We are a Vancouver Island based civil construction and excavation contractor, we have been incorporated since 2013 and we operate in the central Vancouver Island area. We have 20 years experience in our industry on Vancouver Island, we are a family first company that maintains close relationships with both our employees and our clients alike. We have a wide variety of responsible, experienced staff that all have a personal investment in the company and the success of its projects.

Our main objective is to provide for and support the families that depend on Johnson Contracting in conjunction with providing an excellent, cost effective service to all of our many clients. Our goal on every project is provide the "Wow" factor in quality, price and timely service.


"Create a plan with a budget, stick to the plan and the budget"

Don't hesitate to become part of the Johnson Contracting family and reach out for a free quote or consultation from Brian Johnson, one of our owners and our general manager, for any project, no matter how big or how small. We've got you covered!

Our Services

  • Subdivisions

    "Simple, straightforward & easy....right?"

    We are capable of engaging in any size and scope of subdivision you may have, from 1 lot to 1000 lots and everything in between. We realize that all of the easy access, flat, open land has been built on long ago and we are now left with technical, less desirable and ultimately challenging designs, requirements & site conditions of today's land market and development standards. Have no fear! We are here to assist you with all of your needs and help you through your entire development process, to mitigate any design challenges or cost overruns that may arise along the way. We do this by compiling a comprehensive budget early on, working closely with the municipal, engineering and environmental communities to ensure solutions are provided in an economic and timely manner from not only JC Inc, but all other parties involved as well.

  • Municipal Utility Projects

    "They are not called essential services because they are optional!"

    From small watermains to entire road & services revisions, we are there! We are a bonded, qualified, professional contractor for water, sanitary/storm & roadworks upgrades or new installations. We are prepared to go the extra mile to ensure our construction activities are again, cost effective to the taxpayer, and as minimal disturbance and disruption to the public and local businesses as possible. We do this by ensuring that our traffic control zones are short, which keeps wait times to a minimum, our sites are kept clean as not to create any hazards for the public and our crew is happy and respectful to everyone they encounter in a work day. Our restoration team will stop at nothing to ensure that everything affected during construction is reinstated to better than original condition!

  • Residential Construction

    "It's all fun and games till the countertops!"

    At Johnson Contracting we understand that your new home construction or addition is one of the most exciting and important events in someones life, we also understand that it can be one of the most stressful as well. Let us be your buddy with a big shovel that will assist you with getting your house or addition out of the ground! We understand that time is money, we will ensure that our work is done in a timely and clean manner that will facilitate the subsequent trades that come after we are gone. The better we are, the faster they are. Again, we will provide a comprehensive budget and plan early on to ensure there are no surprises both in product and price! Our services include an excavation that meets design requirements, installation and connection of all exterior services, backfilling that is conducted in a professional manner, any retaining walls that may be required, followed by our "clean sweep" that provides a site left in good clean order with all landscape and concrete prep completed for the next step in the construction of your new home.

  • Odd Jobs

    "When it's too much for you, it's just right for us!"

    From retaining walls to drainage issues, driveway upgrades to stump removal. If you have that special job that's seems impossible, we can make it happen. We have a long history of building the unbuildable and fixing the unfixable. No matter what they say, it can be done. Let us provide a free consult for any task you may find yourself faced with!

  • Safety

    "If you can't do it safely, then you can't do it!"

    At Johnson Contracting safety is held in the highest regard. Safe work practices, equipment condition and hazardous situations are always a first priority in every day discussions between not only JC Inc employees but other trades and personnel involved in any of our projects. Our staff are fully trained and certified for specialty or emergency situations like:

    Certificates & Courses:

    • Confined/Hazardous Space Entry
    • Moderate Risk Asbestos Abatement
    • Traffic Control/Traffic Planning
    • All staff have Level 1 First Aid
    • Ground Disturbance
    • W.H.M.I.S. 2015

    Onsite Hands On Training & Preparedness:

    • Onsite Risk Assessments
    • Prejob Hazard Surveys
    • Equipment Inspections & Repairs
    • All work vehicles have a Level 2 First Aid Kit and an up to date Fire Extinguisher.
    • All work sites maintain adequate spill response equipment.

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